About Dr. V. and Liv Tarot

Hi! I’m Dr. V.


I’m the proud single mom of two boys and we live in beautiful California. I have a pretty colorful history. In 1977, my parents took me from a small town in India where I went to pre-school in a horse buggy and moved me to Hollywood, CA. Yes, the city of dreams. Needless to say, it was a culture shock! I didn’t speak any English and ended up going to school on the famous Sunset Blvd. I’m so appreciative for this experience because it has enriched my life in so many ways. That was the beginning of a journey that’s had many twists and turns. I always had a thirst for spiritual expansion. I started meditating at the age of 16 and made spirituality the center of my life. That’s when I discovered Tarot and over the years had many positive experiences. I had friends who were experienced readers and always felt inspired by their gift. So when I felt called to become a reader myself, I immersed myself in the study of tarot. It’s been a joyous passion for me!

My Story

By 2008, I had a Ph.D., and was a corporate trainer, business consultant, and college professor.

I was also happily married and had decided to stay home after the birth of my boys, ages 2 and 5.

Just when life was beautiful…

Tragedy struck…. My life changed forever…..

Overnight, I became a single, unemployed mom who needed a job.


I had to reinvent myself and that’s when I fell in love with entrepreneurship. When I thought about getting back into the workforce, I literally felt a pain in the pit of my stomach. I knew that a corporate job would rob me of my life in exchange for a small salary. And I would be away from my boys for at least 50 hours a week at a time when they needed me the most.

That’s when I founded Savibiz Media Inc., an online educational platform that empowered small business owners to create a freedom-based lifestyle. It was a boutique agency offering consulting and done-for-you sales funnels using my C3 S.A.V.I. Sales Funnel System™. We also published 27 issues of our online digital publication, Savibiz Magazine and created an online course called the Savibiz Sales and Marketing Masterclass. Over the years, we helped thousands of entrepreneurs build thriving businesses online. At the end of 2018, I decided it was time to move on. My real passion is LivTarot and the tarot community and, now, I’m excited to be able to commit to it fully.

So many entrepreneurs in this new world are particularly focused on how to build profitable businesses while making a humanitarian impact in the world! My boys and I care deeply for the welfare of children globally. My personal mission is to support organizations that help children around the world. I believe that letting our humanity shine through our business is the path to success in the world of entrepreneurship. I’m so proud that Savibiz supported thousands of entrepreneurs globally. I hope to help even more with LivTarot.

The LivTarot Manifesto

Here at LivTarot, our mission is to live in love, abundance and joy and to do it with hygge and humor! Founding LivTarot has been the most inspiring and joyful experience of my business journey! This is because it comes from my passion for Tarot and how much it’s enriched my own life and the lives of those I read for. I wanted to give back to the tarot community because you’ve given me so much!

The idea for LivTarot came to me in meditation. I felt a surge of energy in my body. I felt so light and joyful and I felt intuitively guided to reach out to twin flames and tarot entrepreneurs support them in business. When I asked what to call this journey, it came to me in an instant. I saw LivTarot in my mind’s eye. There was no thinking. Just an immediate revelation. I truly believe that it was divinely guided.

Supporting twin flames on their journey to love and tarot business owners on their journey to build a sustainable business is my spiritual calling. That’s why I created our four oracle decks – The Twin Flame Oracle, The Divine Feminine Entrepreneur Oracle, The Twin Flames Shadow and Light Oracle and The Twin Flames in Separation Messages. I also created two free guides for you: 1) A special 8 page guide called the Twin Flame / Soul Connection Checklist: 11 Signs That You’re Experiencing a Twin Flame or Soul Connection and 2) The Twin Flame /Soul Connection Reunion Guide: 6 Causes of Separation and How to Overcome Them. So make sure your download those.

I also see so many incredible readers struggling to make the income they deserve because they have the desire, but they don’t have the plan. That’s why I created the Ultimate Tarot Business Plan. The L.I.V. Tarot Path™ is my simple and powerful tarot business plan that gives you a thriving, long term business in 7 simple steps. So make sure you download both of them for free!

Get Instant Access to the eBook and Audio Course.

If you want to have a successful online tarot business, you must commit to it with your entire mind, body, and soul and take positive actions everyday with the unwavering belief that it will happen.

You’ll never have a successful tarot business without learning how to market, position, and sell your readings and other products or services online. I know most of you struggle with getting consistent in your marketing and sales process. There’s just so much to do and not enough time to keep on top of it. Plus, the sheer amount of digital marketing strategies, tools, and tactics can be downright overwhelming. That’s where I come in.

My passion is to help you start a tarot business the right way or make your tarot business a whole lot easier and more fun than it is now. If you’re an enthusiastic and action-oriented tarot entrepreneur, I’m with you! Let’s walk the path to financial and personal freedom together. Thank you for exploring LivTarot and I’m honored to be a part of your tarot business journey.

Be Unstoppable,


Dr. V.