Hi! I’m Dr. V.

I’m the proud single mom of two young adults and we live in California. I have a pretty colorful history. In the late 1970’s, my parents took me from a small town in India where I went to pre-school in a horse buggy and moved me to Hollywood, CA. Yes, the city of dreams. Needless to say, it was a culture shock! I didn’t speak any English and ended up going to school on the famous Sunset Blvd. I’m so appreciative for this incredible upbringing experience because it has enriched my life in so many ways.

That was the beginning of a journey that’s had many twists and turns. I always had a thirst for spiritual expansion. I started meditating at the age of 16 and made spirituality the center of my life. That’s when I discovered Tarot and over the years had many positive experiences. I had friends who were experienced readers and always felt inspired by their gift.

By 2008, I had a Ph.D., and was a corporate trainer, business consultant, and college professor. I was also happily married and had decided to stay home after the birth of my boys, ages 2 and 5.

Just when life was beautiful…

Tragedy struck…. My life changed forever…..

Overnight, I became a single, unemployed mom who needed a job.

I had to reinvent myself and that’s when I founded Savibiz Media Inc. It started as an online educational platform that empowered small business owners to create a freedom-based lifestyle. I took my years of experience as a trainer, online marketer and high-ticket sales closer and started helping solopreneurs launch and grow profitable businesses. I built their brands, created their lead magnets, and built out their sales funnels.

While I loved working with my clients, something was missing. I knew I wanted to serve the world in an even more heart-centered and spiritual way. I started seeing tarot everywhere. I saw the synchronicities all around me and knew that Spirit was calling me to be a reader!

The Liv Tarot Mission

Here at Liv Tarot, our mission is to live in love, abundance and joy and to contribute our special gifts to the world for the greatest good of all!

Founding LivTarot has been the most inspiring and joyful experience of my business journey! The idea came to me in meditation. I felt a surge of energy in my body. I felt so light and joyful and I felt intuitively guided to reach out to twin flames and tarot entrepreneurs support them in business. When I asked what to call this journey, it came to me in an instant. I saw Liv Tarot in my mind’s eye. There was no thinking. Just an immediate revelation. I truly believe that it was divinely guided.

Guiding lovers on their journey to union and supporting entrepreneurs to create a thriving business is my spiritual calling. That’s why I created our five oracle decks – The Twin Flame Oracle, The Divine Feminine Entrepreneur Oracle, The Twin Flames Shadow and Light Oracle, The Divine Timing Oracle, The Twin Flames in Separation Messages. I also created the Blessed Twin Flame Necklace. I also love working with my 350+ and growing private clients who are located all over the world.

I live each day with the deepest appreciation that Spirit has given me the opportunity to make a difference.

You can join the Liv Tarot family of 44,000+ beautiful people by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. With over 6 million views and 35,000+ comments, you’ll see vibrant conversations and loving messages of support and mutual understanding under each reading. So make sure to subscribe and get engaged in the community!